Sheet & Towel Pegs
4 Pack

Families with many loads worth of washing will love these space creating accessories.

Easily clipping directly to your clothesline arm these handy UV protected Sheet & Towel pegs enables sheets and towels of any size to be hung, whilst freeing up space on your clothesline.

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Colour : Black
  • Hanging Space

    Clipping the 4 peg set to the clothesline arm allows you to hang sheets and towels of any size, whilst freeing up space on your clothesline

  • Efficient Drying

    These handy pegs mean your sheets can hang without folding over, for quicker drying of large items in a restricted space.

  • Compatibility

    For use with Hills Folding Frame and Rotary clotheslines in Woodland Grey, Dune or Pale Eucalypt colours only.

Compatible WithHills Folding Frame & Rotary Clotheslines
MaterialUV stabilised plastic
Dimensions30mm x 120mm
  • Avoids bunching or folding of large items
  • Made from highly UV stabilised plastic
  • Compatible with Hills Folding Frame & Rotary Clotheslines
  • 1 Year Warranty


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