Monday 5 June 2023

AMES Australasia clarifies misleading news coverage regarding the Hills Hoist brand

AMES Australasia, the supplier of Hills Home Living products, including the iconic Hills Hoist, wishes to officially address recent misleading news coverage regarding the Hills Hoist brand.

Recent coverage regarding the sad news of Hills Limited going into administration has incorrectly linked Hills Limited to the Hills Hoist brand.

AMES Australasia wishes to clarify that Hills Limited is a separate business from Hills Home Living and as a result, the Hills Hoist brand has no affiliation with Hills Limited. Therefore, associating Hills Hoist with news on Hills Limited is incorrect and misleading.

Hills Limited is now a technology business with no affiliation to Hills Hoist or Hills Home Living since AMES Australasia acquired Hills Home Living from Hills Limited in 2017. The information represented in the recent coverage is entirely unrelated to our organisation and products.

In fact, AMES Australasia can proudly report that the Hills Home Living business has grown significantly, with our range of Hills clotheslines and laundry products performing exceptionally well in the market. We take pride in stating that Hills remains the number one most trusted brand of clotheslines in Australia, as confirmed by market research.

AMES Australasia CEO, Simon Hupfeld, said: “I would like to personally assure everyone that the supply of Hills clotheslines and laundry products, consumer warranties, customer service and all our employees are completely unaffected by the unfortunate happenings to this other organisation. We are proud to advise that there are more Hills clotheslines being sold today than at any other time in the brand’s iconic history.”

“The organisation mentioned in the article, “Hills Limited,” transformed into a technology company many years ago and is no longer connected to the Hills clothesline business. The articles’ use of Hills Hoist imagery alongside the news is misleading, as it incorrectly suggests a potential impact on our Hills clotheslines business, which is not the case.”

“We would like to reassure our customers that the supply of Hills clotheslines and laundry products, consumer warranties, customer service, and all related aspects remain entirely unaffected by the current situation involving Hills Limited. Our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality products and exceptional service remains unwavering.”

If you have any questions regarding this media coverage, we encourage you to reach out to AMES at We would be pleased to address any inquiries or provide further information.

AMES Australasia deeply values the trust and loyalty of our customers and appreciates their ongoing support. We remain dedicated to delivering outstanding products and maintaining the highest standards of service.

About AMES Australasia: AMES Australasia is a leading provider of home and garden products, including under the Hills brand.
With a diverse range of products, AMES Australasia is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance everyday living. The company is proud to be the exclusive owner of Hills Home Living products, as well as several other iconic brands in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

For further information please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 327 293.

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