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The Iconic Hills Hoist

The original great Australian clothesline, the iconic Hills Hoist. This robust backyard icon is as strong and constant as the sun. With galvanised steel parts and a whooping 100kg weight capacity, this Aussie battler will outlast the harshest of conditions and the most rowdy childhood games – you know the ones we’re talking about. Holding true to our heritage we’ve preserved the original design for large modern families. If heavy duty simplicity and a vintage look is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this magnificent backyard sculpture, that’s large enough to hang your king size sheets! One last thing, we are so proud to be a part of Australian history we back this product with a Lifetime Warranty.

Traditional Style

with non-folding arms

Traditional Hills Hoist winding casing

Hoists up to 440mm

Elevating sheets and clothes from the ground, children & pets

Drying Space

6 Line = 40m, king sheets 7 Line = 50m, super king sheets

Original hoist design

Manufactured from galvanised steel and cast aluminium components with welded staple design arms for threading of galvanised wire

Galvanised Wires

Sturdy, thick, long lasting lines that prevent sagging

For All Family Sizes

For All Family Sizes with 100kg evenly distributed weight capacity

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