Life-changing: Hills Hoist changes laundry forever with a world-first app


75 years after the iconic Hills Hoist changed the lives of Australians forever, the legendary team at Hills are doing it again with ground-breaking technology that will make you want laundry day to be every day. 


The clothesline innovators have announced the first ever weather-changing software, the Hills In-Home Air app, which allows you to control the weather inside your home, adjusting light, temperature, humidity and even the feel of the air in your house. Perfect for drying your clothes and linen in optimum conditions. 


The new software, the likes of which the world’s top app engineers have never seen, can be downloaded from this website, straight to your computer or tablet. You can even integrate the app with your smart home devices with a technique called Washing Machine Learning, which schedules sunrises when your washing machine cycle ends.  


Air-changing scientists say creating the perfect storm or whipping up a Hawaiian breeze can take as little as seconds, but warn that the technology is most likely to keep satisfied customers indoors, long after a Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. 


A release date is scheduled for six months, as Hills continue to fine-tune the app and are upgrading capabilities to include poolside service for the Tahiti option, roasted marshmallows when the dial is set to Canadian winter, and a 4-seasons-in-day pack for their Melbourne setting. 


Director of the Meteorology department at Hills, Professor Havin Allaf, says that this project has huge implications for people returning to work post-pandemic. “While our aim is to optimise drying laundry all year round, the Ko Samui setting is addictive.” 


In the weeks to come, Hills will be inviting focus groups to test the In-Home Air app to test various settings and features and answer on-the-spot quizzes. Winning guesses will be awarded In-Home holidays, like they’re enjoying right now. 


Stay tuned. 



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