100748_Premium Garden Hose 12mm x 15m_9364_INSITU_WEB
100748_Premium Garden Hose 12mm x 15m_9351_INSITU_WEB
100748_Premium Garden Hose 12mm x 15m_9281_INSITU_WEB

Premium Garden Hose 12mm x 30M

The Premium hoses are produced with a high level of technical construction.

5 layers with reinforced high-grade polyester in a braided knit layering technology, make these our state-of-the-art line.

The serious gardener looking for the best hose on the market, from a trusted brand will value this hose.

All Hills hoses are UV resistant for Australian Conditions.

The fittings on the hoses are made from virgin, high-grade engineering plastics with stainless steel internal fixings to ensure timeless quality, Australians have come to trust in this iconic brand.

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Colour : Green/Grey
Clear selection
Kink Resistance10
Wall Thickness2.6mm
Burst Pressure4000 kpa
Warranty30 years


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