80150920_Line Cleaner_9623_WEB
80150920_Line Cleaner_9623_WEB
80150920_Line Cleaner_9794_INSITU_WEB
80150920_Line Cleaner_9796_INSITU_WEB

Line Cleaner

This clever little cleaner helps stop dirt getting on your clothes. Your line can often be wet or mouldy which transfers to your garments when hanging.

This line cleaner clips to the frame of your clothesline when not in use, and is easy to grab with a sponge finish to wipe your line before or after use.

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Colour : Night Sky®
  • Convenient Cleaning

    The spongy head works wonders at removing light dirt from your lines

  • Compatibility

    Clips onto your Rotary or Folding Frame clothesline arm when not in use, for easy access

  • Weather Resistant

    Made from highly UV stabilised plastic


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