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Microfibre Squeeze Flat Mop

With a unique 2 in 1 action, this self-wringing mop squeezes out excess water and removes dirt with an easy up and down action.


Perfect for cleaning up stubborn dirt, dust and other messes from hard surfaces, such as marble, tile, laminate, vinyl and hardwood timber floors. 


Includes mop, bucket and 2 microfibre pads.


  • Hands free, self-wringing action
  • Control the amount of moisture required
  • Sturdy, compact and lightweight bucket makes it easy to fill and move, while saving on space and storage
  • Low-profile swivel head makes it easy to get into corners, under furniture and heard to reach areas
  • Telescopic handle adjusts between 122-136cm in height for the most comfortable mopping position
  • Thick foam comfort grip and storage hook
  • Super absorbent and reusable microfibre pads clip onto the mop head securely, allowing effortless efficient cleaning


Capacity 7.5L
Product Code 100825
Where to Buy Independent Retailers