Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Hills Home product?

You can buy a Hills Home product from the following retail partners either in store or on-line: Mitre 10, Stratco, Home Timber & Hardware, Major Independent Hardware Retailers, Bing Lee, Lifestyle Clotheslines and our listed clothes line specialists.

I have a broken part on my clothes line, can I buy a replacement part?

You can utilise the self service section of our web site to identify your part and see if we have it available as a spare part. If it is available you can order it through our online store. Please click this link to see our spare parts.

Where can I buy a spare part?

Our Spare Parts are  available through our on-line Hills Parts store .

Can I pick the spare part up in store?

No, We do not offer pick-up of our spare parts in store.

I am after a spare part and how do I know if it is available?

You can visit the spare part page where all of the available spare parts are listed online.

Can I have a price of the product ?

No, we are manufacturer and don’t sell to the public, please contact our retailer partners for stock and price.

Do you still have clearance centre?

No, all of the Hills Clearance Centres closed in March 2013.

Do you still have swing sets or parts for swing sets.

No, all of swing sets and spare parts (including warranties) are now serviced by

What are the costs of postage?

The postage varies by product weight and region and calculated through the online shopping checkout.

Where can I find a owners manual?

You can utilise the self service “Need Help” section of our web site to download our product owner’s manuals.

Will your clotheslines take Queen and King size sheets?

Yes, please refer to the product specification page.

How can I make a warranty claim?

A proof of purchase (a copy of your purchase receipt or builder’s certificate) is mandatory for claims under our warranty policy. When completing our online warranty enquiry please upload your proof of purchase, a photo of the area in question and one of complete product for the team to review.

If I get a new Rotary Folding Clothesline, will it go into my old ground socket?

It will fit if the product was installed after 1986. For products purchased and installed between 1975 to 1985 (which had a green metal handle casing) it will not fit.

Will my old hills hoist fit into the new ground socket?

It will fit if it was made since 1986. It won’t fit the older one made 1975 to 1985 had a green metal gear casing with 8 bolts and metal socket.

Can your Folding Frame Clotheslines be mounted on a timber wall?

Our products come ready for masonry wall installation and can be assembled to our post kit options. For installation onto a timber frame or cladded wall we recommend speaking to you hardware store.


The Do’s and Don’t when using a garden sprayer.


  • Read and understand the instruction manual before using
  • Before using, always inspect the sprayer for damage and make sure all parts are functioning properly. Pay particular attention for leaks from the sprayer and attachments.
  • If a sprayer fails the pre-use inspection, remove the sprayer from use.
  • Release pressure via the safety valve before filling/servicing
  • Release pressure via the safety valve and clean after use
  • Wear appropriate PPE
  • Spray garden and home water soluble chemicals
  • Ensure adequate ventilation
  • Wash hands and face after use
  • Store away from sunlight
  • Maintain and service regularly


  • Spray flammable liquids or solvents
  • Leave full bottles unattended
  • Eat, drink or smoke when spraying
  • Direct spray on humans or animals
  • Spray on a windy day or directly into the wind
  • Leave within reach of children or pets
  • Over fill the bottle
  • Over pressurise – doing so could cause injury and/or the bottle may explode
  • Stand near naked flame or hot surfaces