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Slim Retracting Clothesline

Slim 6_Silver

The innovative new Slim Retracting Clothesline. Designed to meet the modern needs and tastes of households, including everything from apartment dwellers to the traditional family home.

With a choice of 39m or 26m of total line length, the Slim 6-line and 4-line models allow plenty of room to dry a family wash, including bed sheets.

  • Sleek and discreet design that mounts seamlessly to the wall
  • Variable line length that can run from 2.0 to 6.5 metres
  • Dual settings for easy adjustment of line tension for heavy light/loads
  • Individual spring-loaded line spools prevent tangling
  • 10 year warranty against defects*

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Product No. Product Name Colour Line Space Line No. Body Size Sheet Size
0300056 (FD51200) Slim retracting 6-line Silver 39m 6 0.3m x 1.04m x 0.07m King
0300057 (FD51201) Slim retracting 4-line Silver 26m 4 0.3m x 0.8m x 0.07m King
Accessories for installation
0300067 (FD51215) Mount plate 6 Silver - - - -
0300068 (FD51216) Mount plate 4 Silver - - - -
0300075 (FD51230) Post kit Silver - - - -

*1 year warranty on polycore line, subject to the terms and conditions available at

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